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Web Design

Website deisign

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You need an official website with a good foundation
Y Design knows how to start.

A successful website depends on the user, and a simple operation interface is our goal in designing a website.

Through rational analysis and cross-field integration, a balance is achieved between simplicity, longevity and practical beauty.

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Visual identity design

Visual identity design

The change of corporate image starts with visual recognition, and Y Design will assist you in the beginning of "change".

CIS (Corporate Identity System) corporate identity system is an image management system that integrates corporate culture, business philosophy, and corporate behavior, so that it has a consistent sense of identity or values for the company, and achieves a good corporate image and product image management system.

VIS (Visual Identity) visual recognition, the enterprise highlights the spiritual connotation of the enterprise with visual characteristics.

Corporate logo
Company Name
Enterprise Trademark
Enterprise standard words
Enterprise standard color
Symbolic graphics
Corporate styling, etc. belong to corporate visual identity.

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